The Neon Girl

Photo: July Brunner
Neo(n)-Antique Art – Private commissioned work

Hi, I’m chankalun – a Hong Kong female and experimental neon artist in the male-dominant neon industry.

“The Neon Girl” is a cross-cultural neon light design, study and practice project that reaches 3 generations, 6 countries, and 2 genders.

With Remy de Feyter in the Netherlands
(Photo: July Brunner)
With Master Wong Kin-wah
in Hong Kong
(Photo: Kit Cheng)

When I started this project, I was the only female neon light artist and practitioner in Hong Kong. I investigate and incorporate new technology in my design and make 6 distinctive pieces with 6 different neon light masters around the world with “The Neon Girl” project.

Targeted to increase awareness and enrich female empowerment in the main dominant neon industry, I will demonstrate the geographical, cultural and economic impact on neon light design and production through my new design work with new media and technology that gives new meanings to neon lights.

Outtake from Kit Cheng for Vogue Singapore Artist in Residence Project

The heritage preservation on the technical skills does not limit to passing on from our local sifu – master of the crafts – to me, and also learning and absorbing new design, methodologies and skills that enrich our current local design and skill sets.

This project is currently funded by Design Trust Hong Kong, CeeKayEllo (CKL) and HKCRAFTS.

I’m also developing a series of NFT arts and collections based on my neon works. Join our Discord community here: