Experimental NFT Space

With my background in creative technology, I have been skeptical about NFTs due to a lot of reasons… one being I don’t connect with them… Until I discovered other interactive and collaborative NFT projects that leverages the blockchain system which inspire me in developing my own NFTs – These works and collections will be experiments based on my existing or future neon glass works.

“Every Body Is A Beach Body”

A digital representation of the original neon glass work that is exhibited at Soho House Hong Kong at the “ExtraOrdinary Exhibition” organised by the Karen Leung Foundation.

A special representation of this piece will also be listed on Foundation every week until the exhibition ends in Oct 2021!

Original neon glass piece here.
Original NFT here.
Soho House Edition here.

“The Neon Life”

A commissioned collection of 20 interactive 3D NFTs for Satoshi Women x Stashaway, a wealth management platform.

Life is fragile and strong at the same time.
Just like neon glass, they are easily broken, and yet if you weld it, you can fix it.
When it’s malleable and soft, you can also shape it in the way you want – it’s your choice.
The shape you bent is also similar to the twist and turns in life…

I would like to invite the viewers to turn “The Neon Life” in different angles and directions, zoom in and out… and it will reveal a secret message!

View the collection here.

Shhh (樹)

An interactive and collaborative collection that is based on the original installation exhibited at “My Light, My Hood” at KONG Art Space in Hong Kong.

Coming Soon!