Commissioned Works


Washing Line

A funky work from my client as a surprise birthday present for her husband to hang on their bedroom wall.

The design looks as if there’s wind blowing from their window on the left when installed.

I love the funkiness and humour of it – in Hong Kong it’s not rare to see households hanging their lingerie and laundry out on the street!

Unfortunately the work couldn’t be installed on the client’s bedroom wall as planned
as they are moving out of Hong Kong


sam sok

An experimental neon work from Quentin as a (not so) surprise birthday present to my dear friend Cath.

Cath has started a Mahjong club in Hong Kong, and to celebrate her big 30th, we have decided to use 三索 “3 bamboo” tile in the Mahjong set for this piece.

I have proposed a few ways to Quentin to mimic the physical look of the bamboo on the Mahjong tile and he has chosen the glass blowing technique.
“3 bamboo” pattern in Mahjong tile


Hong Kong

Hong Kong – a commissioned piece for Magda to take with her as a reminder of her time in Hong Kong.

We have worked on 7 different calligraphy styles and finally landed on this one 💛

The calligraphy is from the former Kowloon King of Hong Kong, Tsang Tsou Choi, which I personally find very much represents the street scene of Hong Kong 🇭🇰

“Hong Kong” written by Tsang Tsou Choi


Lucky Hong Kong Kitten

Yulia and her family are moving away from Hong Kong and would like to take a piece of neon art that reminds them of their days in Hong Kong ✈️

The major colour choice of red and green is a depiction of the significant pawn shop neon signs in Hong Kong. 🇭🇰 The word “Hong Kong” is shaped to fit within the lucky kitten – a celebration of the city with one of her symbols that Yulia and her family love, wishing them luck on their up and coming future adventure 🙂 I have also deliberately added a strong edge for the Chinese characters to form a contrast to the soft edge of the lucky kitten 🐱

There is a 萬子 collar for the kitten, a remarkable Hong Kong visual symbol that connects to the kitten. Did you also see the little naughty finger? This funny touch is a request from Yulia and her family! 😏



A father’s love for his daughter 💕👨‍👧💕

Dean wanted a neon art for his 17yo musician daughter Amelie as a birthday present 🎁 After checking out Amelie’s Sound Cloud and IG, I realised she’s a soul/jazz music producer who is also a lover of butterflies 🦋

As a request from Dean for an “A” for Amelie, I designed it to be a little loose and fantastical that matches her music and butterflies 🎶 I also had a lot of fun whilst bending this “A” with its curves 😍

The choice of neon green cassette tapes is also based on Amelie’s favourite colour green and blue 💚💙 and as a resemblance to a forgotten form of music 🎵, similar to how neon is being forgotten as a fading artisanal craft.

With this piece, I have also done a day and night version with video projection mapping (I realised I really like setting up my neon and “produce” the shooting 😝 something about me being an exhibition and event designer eh 😅).

This piece is also super international! 🌏🌏🌏
🇭🇰Neon artist from HK
🇮🇹Neon tubes made by Technolux in Italy
🇳🇱Neon bending in Netherlands at Ray Of Light Gallery
🇫🇷Assembled in France
🇺🇸Cassette tapes from US
🇬🇧Acrylic mirrors from UK and laser cut by my brother in London
🇩🇪Transformer from Hansen LED in Germany
🇸🇪To be installed in Sweden!!

PS at the end I couldn’t help to paint the electrodes in neon green 🙈



A father’s love for his daughter 💕👨‍👧💕

Dean wanted a fashion neon art as a present to Natalie, his fashionista teenager daughter 🎁

🪞”Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all.”
With “Natalie”, I see Natalie swinging her #OOTD in front of the art 👘 with inspirations drawn from her stacks of favourite fashion magazines📚
The mirror also shows Natalie as a fashion new star on the future magazine cover🌟on top of other stacks of magazines that she’s been featured on.

🌎 This piece is also super international!
🇭🇰 Neon artist from HK
🇮🇹 Neon tubes made by Technolux in Italy
🇳🇱 Neon bending in the Netherlands at Ray Of Light Gallery
🇫🇷 Assembled in France at my in-law’s jardin🪴
🇩🇪 Transformer from Hansen LED in Germany
🇸🇪 To be installed in Sweden!!


Neo(n)-Antique Art

A neo-antique Hong Kong street neon art.

Xavier and Myriam wanted to bring a piece of Hong Kong street back to Paris with them 🚏

The whole concept is about antique Chinese art 🫖
We were lucky to have my friend Mikl giving us the original street sign from the shop he rented😇🤞 The shop was an antique art gallery and we took the “Antique Art” part from the whole shop sign.

💙 The work is a modern interpretation of antique Chinese art with cobalt blue neon depicting antique Chinese clouds on a porcelain plate, which is a well-known medium in Chinese sculptures and art ☁️🍽 Cobalt blue is also a traditional colour that we see in antique Chinese porcelain art as well.

In Chinese calligraphy or paintings, the creator often signs his/her work with a seal. 🟦 The blue see-through acrylic square here is a contemporary signature to complete the piece.

🇮🇹 The classic cobalt blue Murano neon tubes pulled from Technolux in Italy were used for this piece, so that the piece will also be seen as blue during the day, even without it turning on💙 If not, usually a “normal blue neon tube” will be seen as a white tube when not turned on.

🍽 Handmade and customised large-scale porcelain plate made in Limoges (well known for their porcelain) by CRAFT Limoges also adds meaningful value to the artisanal crafts element in the piece.

🤝 With the joint effort of work from at least 3 different cities with their best and most renowned craftsmanship, this artwork delivers the multi-national modern interpretation of Chinese art in a contemporary setting 🇭🇰🇫🇷🇮🇹

🇭🇰 Neon artist from HK
🇮🇹 Neon tubes made in Italy by Technolux
🇳🇱 Neon bending in the Netherlands at Ray Of Light Neon Gallery
🇫🇷 Handcrafted 86cmDia porcelain made by CRAFT Limoges
🇫🇷 Assembled in France at my in-law’s garage🪴 I can’t thank them enough for their support to realise this piece successfully 😘
🇩🇪 Transformer from Hansen in Germany


Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone

A celebration of the opening of Project S Fitness in Hong Kong 😎 The work aims to spread the message of body positivity through getting out of our comfort zone and perception through workout and art 🤾‍♀️🎨

🖍 As a literal medium, it would be an easy option for me to design this neon piece in lettering. However, I always wanted to break the perception of neon art, leverage its materiality and parameters to give it a new and unexpected form, getting neon out of its comfort zone 🤓

😇 I’m glad that I had Sarah’s trust, courage and full support from the beginning to develop an experimental and abstract piece – working with an unknown glass with a speculative glass-blowing technique – and finally as the first-ever black neon art in Hong Kong 🇭🇰🖤

💭 “If you never try, you will never know”
With a background from professional ballerina 🩰 to lawyer 👩‍⚖️ to now a fitness guru who opened a unique and luxurious fitness centre in Hong Kong during the pandemic, Sarah’s journey is a living example of how she lives out of her comfort zone 💪

🛑 The hexagon is a motif at Project S, which represents one’s comfort zone. As one starts to get out of the comfort zone through different workouts, one elevates to a better version of themselves 👍 Hence, the hexagon is reaching out upwards towards a dream/hope 🔝 The choice of black and purple is also Sarah’s favourite colours 💜🖤

The elevated hexagon is also composed of 19 different images of boys and girls working out. How many sports or workout poses can you spot? 🚣‍♀️🤸🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️🏌️‍♀️🏃‍♀️🕺 Different sports or workouts train different parts of your body, and so it’s very normal for us to have various body shapes!

🙌 This exciting art would not be able to realise without the help of the following amazing souls who donated their work out images: Adena, Bonnie, Charles, Evelyn, Isa, Ivy, Kathleen, Lois, Maggie, Ringo, Tiffany, Winky, Utah, Yikki and a few ladies from Project S opening event

A compilation of 19 workout bodies!
Have you ever seen black neon lit up?